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SunEdison, groSolar finance, build Mariani Packing’s new 1.1-MW solar PV system

By Tom Cheyney

Published: Wednesday, Dec. 03, 2008 | Page 1B

A new solar photovoltaic power system, financed by SunEdison and built by groSolar, has come online at Mariani Packing Co.'s headquarters in Vacaville, CA, southwest of Sacramento. The 1.1-MW single-axis, ground-mounted array occupies seven acres of land and will provide about 23% of the fruit-packing facility's electrical needs.

Under a long-term solar power services agreement, SunEdison will maintain the system and sell the electricity produced by it to Mariani at costs less than retail rates for traditional energy sources.

The PV array, which took about 90 days to engineer and build, was completed in early November, according to groSolar. Capable of producing 1.9 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, the system features more than 5800 Evergreen Solar modules, sun-tracking gear from Thompson Technologies, and a set of SMA inverters.

"This is a great example of how being environmentally sensitive can also be financially beneficial," said Frank Griffin, groSolar's VP of construction. "This type of project is helping to verify the truth that doing something good for the environment is also good for the corporate bottom line."

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