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The Continuing Pursuit of Innovation - Mariani Brings "Enhanced Wellness" to Dried Fruit.

Vacaville, CA - August 10, 2009Mariani Packing Company, Inc. the largest family-owned global producer of dried fruit has taken one of the hottest trends today, functional foods, and incorporated it into a line of popular dried fruits.

With retail sales of health and wellness packaged goods reaching $102.8 billion in the US last year, Mariani is well-poised to add to that sales figure. Mariani’s Enhanced Wellness is a line of dried fruits that not only focuses on the growing trends in the dried fruit category, but also provides consumers added nutritional benefits to their snack options. Enhanced Wellness features three offerings, each one targeting a different nutritional benefit.

For the baby boomers well-aware of the importance of good nutrition, Enhanced Wellness Plum Support offers California dried plums enhanced with Vitamin B complexes and Glucosamine, a supplement that helps support joint health. “Glucosamine is the 2nd fastest growing supplement in the US,” states Miranda Ackerman, brand manager for Mariani. “Close to one-third of American adults suffer with some type of joint problem.”

With the popularity of berries skyrocketing, Enhanced Wellness Berry Thrive combines cherries, cultivated blueberries and cranberries enhanced with Omega-3, a fatty acid that helps support good cholesterol amongst many other benefits. “Fish oil is the fastest growing supplement due to its high content of Omega-3 fatty acids. “The Omega-3 in Berry Thrive is derived from cranberry seed oil, so it’s vegetarian friendly while providing the fatty acids driving this consumer demand,” states Ackerman.

Enhanced Wellness Berry Defense is an antioxidant blend of cherries, whole cranberries, wild blueberries, raspberries, and diced dried plums enhanced with green tea extract, widely known for its beneficial role in promoting good health. “Antioxidants continue to be a driving force in consumer purchases,” states Ackerman.

Mark Mariani, CEO of Mariani added, “Our brand has always been at the forefront of innovation, and Enhanced Wellness continues to demonstrate our commitment to excellence and value-added products for our consumers.”

Berry Thrive and Plum Support offer consumers approximately 10% of their RDI of supplement in each serving and Berry Defense offers a good source of the antioxidant vitamin A. “By no means is Enhanced Wellness the answer to all our dietary and nutritional needs, nor should any one product we consume. Our objective was simple; develop a value-added dried fruit snack for our consumers that gave them a bit more nutritional punch to their diet,” stated Mariani.

Mariani "Enhanced Wellness" products are available at most local retailers or online. Media contact: Lisa Goshgarian – 707-452-2878 or

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