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The GREEN initiative can be defined in many different ways, but to us, being GREEN means making business and lifestyle choices that help to sustain and work with the environment, not against it. It means being conscious of the choices we make and how they affect our surroundings. It means making a commitment to the betterment of the world we live in.
flavor sensations


Flavor Sensations treat your taste buds to a sensational flavor experience! Cherry Pie, Cinnamon Raisin Bread, and Concord Grape Juice are all classic American flavor favorites.  Now you can experience them without the guilt.  Flavor Sensations takes three of the our most favorite dried fruits and enhances them with all-natural flavorings to mimic the taste of some of the most beloved classic treats...with NO extra calories  Enjoy!

Cherry Pie Flavored Cherries


Cherry Pie Cherries combine mouth-watering cherries and buttery pie crust flavoring allowing you to indulge in real homemade goodness - without the guilt!

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Concord Grape Juice Flavored Whole Cranberries


Packed full of grapey goodness, Concord Grape Juice Cranberries takes our plump whole cranberries and bathes them in this classic juice favorite. It's sure to comfort your taste buds - without the guilt!

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Cinnamon Raisins Bread Flavored Raisins


Enjoy the delicious taste of Cinnamon Raisin Bread Raisins. Our plump, sweet raisins are seasoned with cinnamon spice, notes of creamy butter flavoring, and rich brown sugar - homemade indulgence without the guilt!

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