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California Apricots

Whole, halves, diced and paste available – bright orange color, tart/sweet apricot taste is perfect for snack mixes, baking and bulk.

Turkish Apricots

Whole, halves, diced and paste available – yellow to orange in color, delicate apricot flavor; works well in mixed fruits, snack mixes, baking and bulk.


Moist and delicious, blueberries are shelf-stable and their natural sweetness and color to a variety of products, without any preservatives.


High in antioxidants and full of anti-inflammatory benefits, our dried cherries are a great addition to any snack mix, cereal, bar or confectionary product.


Our sweetened dried cranberries contain no artificial color, flavor or preservatives and are available in a wide array of sizes, moistures, specifications, and designed to meet our customers' needs. They're used in a growing number of products in food processing and baking.

We have additional dried fruits available. Please contact us for more information.

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